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Coders Fusing Technology with Innovation


CoderScotch is a team of coders, researchers, and software developers in Europe. Our experienced developers take your business on the right track by maintaining the perfect harmony between on-time delivery, high quality, & fair pricing. Our commitment to delivering technology solutions and support excellence has made us one of the top software development companies in Europe.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Satisfied Customer
BRIDGET J. Head of Strategy & Design Coder Scotch Technologies was commended by the client for their strong communication skills and commitment to meeting deadlines. Despite performing several tasks and meeting various requirements concerning the ongoing project, the quality of their work is never sacrificed.
We have helped her to build websites and provide maintenance support.
Satisfied Customer
OLIVER M. Director Very professional. Always available, responds quickly. Communication was flawless. I will work with them again.
We have developed few projects on WordPress, Angular and Laravel for Mr.Oliver and his customers.
Satisfied Customer
PIERRE A. Founder Coder Scotch Team is a true professional and very good to work with. Nothing is too hard. The website design turned out to be really good and we love it! I am happy to continue working with them again in the very near future.
We have designed and developed few Mobile Apps on React Native and websites on Laravel for his customers.

Our Core Values

Our approach in helping our clients reflect strongly into our core values as a technology partner and organization.


With an everlasting belief that strong partnerships are built upon a foundation of trust, we remain transparent, honest, and dutiful towards whosoever we work with.

Our Core Values

As a team that breathes innovation, we create stuff that not only solve problems but challenges


We are inspired by everything that radiates 3 P’s: Passion, Positivity, and Purpose, more importantly our partners and clients

Our Core Values

We believe that learning is an endless process so we invest as much in ourselves as we do for our clients and work.

What We Do

We are driven by our love and passion for technology, for we believe it’s our modus operandi. We build robust applications and guide our clients through various stages from inception to development to deployment with technologies like web, mobile, UI/ UX, and API development.

Our Technological Focus

Our technology focus is driven by a desire to drive innovation across the mobile, web, and desktop platforms. Among the areas we view as having high potential for disruptive and valuable innovation are:


Designing human-centric and responsive design.


Contributing to open-source community


Building scalable architectures and writing flawless code.

Our Working Approach

Our Working Approach
Requirement analysis is the first step of our process. Ideally, we start by laying the first stone by understanding your business needs and challenges. This also includes evaluating project features, story-boarding the idea, and establishing the right team.
Our Working Approach
Our design team will construct low-fidelity wire-frames to showcase the user workflow of your project. Our wire-frames are enough to give you an idea of how the project would look like. Our design process focuses on fixing the problems early on and with few user clicks.
Our Working Approach
Our coders will be involved in your project. They work within sprints where each sprint starts on day 1 and ends on day X. We bring the right mix of the tech stacks and engineers to chalk-out the scalable architecture for your project.
Our Working Approach
Test & Deliver
We believe in vigorous testing rather than unearthing the smaller bugs at a time. Our application testers will ensure that your project is working properly and your users will use it without any hesitation.

Why Do We Do It

At CoderScotch, we are more than just a bunch of technocrats. We are very well-versed with the fact that extremely skilled application developers are extremely hard to come by. Here’s why we SPECIALIZE IN ONE THING only: helping our clients with quality technology services and skilled professionals to make their vision a reality.

Our Mission

Our aim is to empower several startups, ISVs, and agencies digitally and guide them to gain a competitive edge by offering innovative technological solutions. To put succinctly, we are on the mission to:

Bring full-stack application development and product development/ innovation capabilities to make businesses compatible with the digitally-connected world.

Solve complex business problems by designing scalable architectures, writing clean code, and building robust softwares and applications.

Help our technology partners grow by working together and leveraging each other's capabilities & expertise.

Maximize technological capabilities of our clients by extending their team.

Our Mission

What Makes Us Different

We are not a typical outsourcing company like others. Every application we create, we keep your vision and end results aligned with our work process. When you decide to work with us, you will be getting more out of your investments; and beyond stunning visuals and intuitive applications. This quality is something that sets us apart; this is our characteristics that will make you work with us.

Agencies vs CoderScotch
Agencies Devs
Agencies Devs
Lacks project ownership;
Works on multiple projects at a time;
Believe in monthly reportings;
Finds it difficult to catch up with timezones.
CoderScotch Devs
CoderScotch Devs
Own your project like it’s their;
Dedicated to your project w.r.t availability;
Works in weekly scrum based reportings;
Flexible with all timezones.
Freelancers vs CoderScotch
Most Freelancers
Most Freelancers
Lacks in communication skills;
Increases your project’s TTM;
Works in their timezone not yours
Unskilled in each & every technology.
CoderScotch Devs
CoderScotch Devs
Flawless in communication;
Brings lower TTM to the table;
Flexible as per different timezones;
Skilled in most of the technologies.
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